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Need strategies for a global foot print? Are your business strategies not working the way that you aspired for?

Most businesses fail because they fail to plan. Business strategies are fundamental to every company. For Startups and SMEs it’s their life.

As the saying goes, “If you do not know where you want to go, any road can lead you there.”

Business Consultants – What they do? & Why do we need it?

At some point in time sooner or later, Businesses in order to sustain its growth and for fueling the revenues further, professional business consulting services are sought. Business consultants with their expertise and experience can guide these companies by seeing through a different perspective than that of a founder and that’s the value add they can bring to any business.  It is important to on-board the right business consultant in India – be it for startup consulting, business mentoring, or small business consulting

They start to discuss with you from scratch to ensure that your business is fundamentally strong through the concept of baselining your business.  

You may need help in preparing a business plan for your startup. Or to prepare a business model for your small and medium business, to see how 5x or 10x growth can be achieved over time.

Business planning is an important element without which goal setting and driving business strategies cannot happen. Startup Xperts works with companies in defining the business plan in sync with the assigned budgets. Business planning is critical even if you have just embarked in your business, as it acts like a rudder and helps you steer your company in the right direction.

By understanding your goals and aspirations our Business Consultants devise strategies that is tailor made for you. Our Business strategy consultants understand that one size does not fit all, and hence the business strategies are drawn in line with your aspirations, market dynamics, and available resources.

Different aspects of Business Consulting Services

Business consulting approach needs to be a full circle, to build your brand and accelerate revenue growth. As a Business Consulting firm, we cover the below aspects-

  • Business baselining – this will be done by our business strategy consultants to understand the current position and the direction that we need to move forward
  • Positioning and branding
  • Business collateral
  • GTM, Go-to-Market strategy – Business consultants who have specialized across different verticals/segments/regions create go-to-market strategy that comprises best practices across industries
  • Digital marketing services for startups and small businesses
  • Build awareness and sales pipeline incl. lead generation engine
  • Customer, prospect engagement plan
  • Technology intervention
  • Regular review, monitoring and fine tune to get superlative performance; this is an essential parameter for any management consulting services firm

Startup Xperts also helps you in identifying areas of innovation, mergers and acquisitions including cross-border acquisitions, and creating corporate policies.

Need for Business Consultants in India

India has over 63 million MSME units that contributes to around 6% of manufacturing GDP, about 1/4th of GDP from services, and 1/3rd of   India’s manufacturing output. Without these MSMEs our country’s growth and sustenance will be a huge challenge.  Hence the need for Business Consultants in India.  

Startup Xperts understand the need of such MSMEs and provide support through mentoring services acting as a business mentor, digital marketing services, brings small business consulting techniques to MSMEs to chalk out plans for their next stage, and also acts as your small business consultant or digital marketing consultant for your business.   

How Startup Xperts helps businesses with their Business Consulting Services?

Startup Xperts are business consulting experts and help companies right from formulating your mission and vision statements, to devising business strategies, business plans and help you execute those.

We help you in understanding your goals and aspirations and devise strategies that is tailor made for you. Startup Xperts understands that one size does not fit all, and hence the business strategies are drawn in line with your company’s vision and available resources.

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