Our Brand

Our Brand Story
Our inspiration to build this brand stemmed from the fact that we wish to help enterprises build successful businesses. When we decided to create the brand, few key thoughts took center stage; we wanted it to be simple, highlight the nature of the business we are in and how our customers would perceive us.


The name ‘Startup Xperts’ signifies that we are specialists/experts in consulting startups and small, medium enterprises (SME). The logo has three mutually dependent elements, as below –
Globe with arrows pointing upwards.
Startup Xperts (in black).
accelerating your growth steeper (in gray).


The globe represents the nature of the business that we are in, i.e., building businesses globally. It represents our multi-faceted, multi-cultural and our aspiration to help enterprises from various segments/industries to succeed.

The arrows in the globe that are pointing upwards, signifies growth.

Our tagline ‘accelerating your growth steeper’ brings out our vision and passion in supporting startups and SMEs to successfully build their enterprises.

Color significance:

Colors provide the greatest impact in any brand. They communicate our vision effectively, breaking down cultural and language barriers.

Blue represents transparency, trust, smart, progress and confidence.

Green represents growth, prosperity, money and freshness.

Orange represents vitality, youthful, friendly, innovation and ideas.

Black represents power, elegance and sophistication.

Gray represents security, stability and maturity.

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