Sales Experts

Sales Experts

Tired of turnaround in your sales team?

Are your sales professionals not able to reach their set revenue goals?

Are they unable to perform consistently?

Startup Xperts understands that ‘sales’ is the king for every company. Without revenues, companies cease to exist. For startups sales is a critical function and all the right steps need to be taken to ensure revenue flow and growth.

Sales leaders in Startup Xperts work along with you to set up the right sales team, in case you do not have one. For startups with lean sales team, we provide insights to chalk out an effective sales plan, chalk out key result areas that are measurable and identify the unique selling proposition / differentiation factors.

We help you with sales analysis, sales planning, global sales, implement sales process, enhance sales culture, monitor sales metrics and sales performance.

Startup Xperts will work closely with you in defining the sales pitch and help monitor your sales process. Having got multi-cultural, multi-national experience, we train your team to be more effective right from lead generation stage, to prospecting, negotiation, and contract closure.

Startup Xperts will guide your sales team as to how they can add value to every interaction with their prospects / customers. Sales is all about putting your best foot forward, gaining trust and confidence of your prospects and customers, understanding your client’s spelt and un-spelt needs, and providing a solution/service that addresses their pain points.

Startup Xperts help in developing robust models and techniques for you to monitor the performance and progress of various sales processes and functions, constantly and consistently. This helps to develop a high performance, high impact sales team that brings in revenues.

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