Startup Xperts, A specialist business consulting and digital marketing company helps you to gain access to various Web analytics tools like Google analytics which provide detailed, business-oriented data about your site’s visitors, through a powerful web-based user interface.

We provide you basic insights like:

  • Where your visits are coming and from which source, medium?
  • What they do? How they interact your website?
  • Who are all your audience and from which location etc?
  • How can you close the gap between site visits and conversions?
  • Besides this, for your online store/eCommerce business, we provide smart insights that are essential to take quick decisions for your online success!

The capacity of web analytics tools like Google analytics provide insights like how people use web properties is almost limitless ways.

A Digital marketing company should focus not only on collecting data but also on what insights to pick, what to look for from a number of data points, which will be overwhelming. Startup Xperts will help you with the right insights that can help you take the right decisions at the right time, for your online business to succeed.

Our Web Analytics Services

We help you with,

  • Installing web analytics and configure it right, to track your business goals.
  • Maximize ROI.
  • Integrate webmaster tools to get insights of what queries driving traffic to your website
  • What keywords your visitors are really using to boost your search engine ranking
  • Maintaining your analytics account
  • Most importantly, get you insights from the analytics for effective decision making!

Web analytics us the right way to measure your progress and this is the key to making informed decisions in digital marketing.

With good website tracking, website KPIs and metrics can be integrated into your decision-making; feed user behaviour data into your website planning process for effective usage.

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