Orientation for Mentor Advisory Panel, BYST

Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust (BYST) had organized a training cum orientation program for the Chairs and Vice Chairs for their Mentor Advisory Panel, across India. Shyam Sekar S, Founder and Chief Mentor of Startup Xperts, had conducted this training program online which was attended by numerous Chairman and Vice Chairman of the MAP team from various regions.

The objective is to train them on their roles, responsibilities, and processes, for this leadership position. This session is significant as each of the Chairs and Vice Chairs will be responsible for identifying, on-boarding, and ensuring that the mentor-mentee relationships are managed well. MAP team plays a crucial role in the functioning of BYST, as mentoring is an essential component in building a robust entrepreneurship system.

Set your sail with Entrepreneurship

VELS University’s School of Management Studies and Commerce had organized an entrepreneurship program, a talk on the topic ‘Set your sail with Entrepreneurship’ at their college recently. Our founder and Startup Expert Mr Shyam Sekar S had delivered the session to bring out awareness to the students to pursue as another career alternative. He also had highlighted the importance and benefits of entrepreneurship, how they can pursue even later in life even if they join a corporate after graduation.

Students had a nice interaction with many interesting questions that raised their awareness and having received insights that can help build a better startup ecosystem.

Talk @ EDII on MSME Business opportunities and Venture Capital fund

To promote entrepreneurship Startup Xperts has been acting as a catalyst for years and continuing its support to EDII-TN (Entrepreneurship Development Innovation Institute-TN) Startup Expert Mr Shyam Sekar S, addressed numerous entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, through an online meeting. The topic of the online session was ‘MSME Business opportunities and Venture Capital fund’.
Shyam, Founder & Chief Mentor – Startup Xperts, covered various aspects right from entrepreneurship process, identifying opportunity, how MSMEs can pick the right business opportunity, importance of marketing and branding for MSMEs, funding aspects, different type of venture funds, amongst others. It was a very interactive session with a lot of takeaways for the audience that can help them move to the next level.

DoBig Forum CxO Technology Meet

Tech CxO Meet was organized by the talk and Tata Tele Business Services to share the challenges, knowledge and insights in today’s technology evolution. The panelists were Technology Heads from various companies and the panel was moderated and chaired by our Founder and Startup Expert Shyam Sekar S.

Many interesting and exciting information were shared and there were about 100 technology management professionals who witnessed the session. The event was held at The Accord Metropolitan Hotel, Chennai.

Sustaining values for lifelong learning

Dwaraka Doss Goverdhan Doss Vaishnav (DG Vaishnav) College (reaccredited with A++ Grade by NAAC) had organized the session under the theme ‘Sustaining values for lifelong learning’. They had invited our Founder and Startup Mentor, Shyam Sekar S, to deliver a session to their students on the topic ‘Campus to Entrepreneurship’. Shyam had shared his insights motivating the students to pursue entrepreneurship as one of the career choices. The talk was well received with lots of interaction and interesting questions from the students and faculty as well.