Board of Entrepreneurs

We all know startups are disruptive, they create new markets, shake established/traditional enterprises, get obscene valuations, etc.

But do you know that 9 out of 10 startups fail to make the cut?

Are you aware that those startups that validate their MVP (minimum viable product), only 10% of them are successfully able to execute?

Board of Entrepreneurs, is an initiative of Startup Xperts, to provide the necessary ammunition for startups, and entrepreneurs, by conducting workshop/boot camp thereby providing smart and intensive coaching for you to succeed in this dynamic environment. It also carries a bigger objective in building a scalable and sustainable ecosystem.

India’s ecosystem has never been so very exciting when it comes to startups. With the Government’s initiative of ‘Digital India’ and ‘Make in India’ gaining momentum, the trend is supposed to be upwards for many years to come. Board of Entrepreneurs’ team is passionate and committed in making startup founder’s dream a reality.

Why register for Board of Entrepreneurs’ startup boot camp?

  • Most entrepreneurs are very passionate, highly obsessed with their idea, engulfed into their own vision, and miss out on various other perspectives. This boot camp will unravel many aspects and so can be considered as a startup accelerator program too.
  • This elite 4-day boot camp, workshop, will be handled by expert coaches who have built startups to scale, have worked across multinational, multicultural global enterprises, highly networked, and having wealth of experience; so you get the best of knowledge, wisdom, and expertise, that will help you to build your venture with more confidence.
  • Some of the smart techniques, secrets, will be shared with you from our coach who has gained significant expertise from the top B-school (Harvard Business School) in the world.
  • This intense, fun-filled, action oriented program can be the answer that you may be looking out for.
  • Do you want to increase your success rate significantly? Then you cannot afford to miss this one.

What do you get?

  • Make no mistake; you will be a smarter entrepreneur (or an aspiring entrepreneur) having gained the experience of perfecting your idea, evaluating opportunities in the right way, segmentation strategies, business modeling techniques, how to develop MVP, create value proposition, testing/validating, pitching, and strategic negotiation; all these through a beautifully blended combination of classroom sessions, real case studies, activities, group exercises, and discussions.
  • Building a rock solid foundation is the key to success. This program is painstakingly prepared for startups, entrepreneurs, and founders like you to help straighten out some of the issues or challenges by fine tuning your business models, strategies, and skills, acquired through this program.
  • There are opportunities to bond and network with like minded professionals, that can trigger a great outcome for your initiative.
  • Your interaction does not end with these 4 days. You can avail ‘extended mentoring support’ for 2 additional months where you can connect with our mentors, either online or offline, every fortnight at mutually convenient scheduled times.
  • Certificate of program completion, after successfully completing all the sessions.
  • You are wired smart and designed to win through this program.

Who is it meant for?

  • Startup founders
  • Directors, Senior Executives in SMEs
  • Startup mentors
  • Aspiring (wannabe) entrepreneurs
  • Academicians supporting entrepreneurship development
  • Student entrepreneurs, Edupreneurs, and others
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