Eva Stalin Business School recently hosted a thought-provoking Roundtable event titled “Entrepreneurial Opportunities – Turning Dreams into Reality.”

The event brought together prominent industry experts, management students, and aspiring entrepreneurs for an engaging discussion on various aspects of entrepreneurship.

The highlight of the event was a captivating talk delivered by Mr. Shyam Sekar S, the esteemed Founder and Startup Expert of the school. Mr. Shyam Sekar S not only shared his insights and experiences but also had the privilege of interacting with the bright and enthusiastic management students present at the event. Their thought-provoking questions covered a wide range of topics, including entrepreneurship basics, funding opportunities, startup idea validation, scaling up challenges, and much more.

Sharing the stage with Mr. Shyam Sekar S were distinguished co-panelists who added to the diversity of perspectives. Mr. Ramkumar, the founder of Chennaimemes and Tamilkalai, and Mr. Jayaraam, the GM of Business Standard, offered valuable insights from their respective domains. The event was graced by the presence of the college founder, Mr. Stalin, who delivered an insightful talk to open the session.

Mr. Shyam Sekar S has been tirelessly working to raise awareness and emphasize the immense potential of students in transforming from job seekers to job creators. His relentless journey in this regard continues, as he strives to empower and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Roundtable event organized by Eva Stalin Business School served as a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among the students. It successfully provided a space for young minds to explore, learn, and discover the exciting world of entrepreneurship.

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