NASSCOM CEO Roundtable Meeting - Startup Xperts

NASSCOM CEO Roundtable Meeting

NASSCOM organized the CEO Roundtable meeting at The Hilton Hotel, Chennai on Tue, 30-April 2019.  NASSCOM had invited Mr Shyam Sekar S, Founder and CEO – Startup Xperts to Chair the meet, and act as the Moderator for the day.  The topic that he moderated was ‘Are we strategically and digitally aligned for our business growth?’ The average age of an […]

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How to start a startup – Points to consider!

Is Just an Idea Enough…? Points to ponder before start(ing) up…! An innovative idea is the most important seed for a startup business venture. An innovative idea can bring about a significant change in the way a product or service is adopted by the customer, but there are a host of other aspects that come […]

How to Grow your startup business?

Not all startups are successful. The reasons could be a combination of – business planning, revenue model, leadership team, target segments, product, and most often execution. I have seen startups that had almost all the elements needed to transition into a sustainable, high-growth business, but lacked guidance and experienced leadership team. Building a startup is […]