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Startup Weekend Hackathon – Jury at CEG, Anna University!

Startup Weekend Chennai CEG organized a Hackathon, at the College of Engineering Guindy from February 21-23, 2020. Shyam Sekar S, Founder and CEO – Startup Xperts was part of the Jury panel for this Final Pitch session. Startup Weekend is a 54-hour entrepreneurial hackathon where ideas are transformed into startups over a weekend. Startup Weekend […]

startup expert shyam

Startup Finals Pitch Event at IIT-Madras!

IIT-Madras had shortlisted Startup Finals Pitch event on 19-Jan 2020 at IIT-Madras.  Around 12 teams were shortlisted for the final pitch and it had innovative and interesting initiatives across industries – agri to e-vehicles.  Shyam had been part of such events from IIT-Madras for almost 4-5 years now.  He quoted that some of the initiatives […]

NASSCOM CEO Roundtable Meeting - Startup Xperts

NASSCOM CEO Roundtable Meeting

NASSCOM organized the CEO Roundtable meeting at The Hilton Hotel, Chennai on Tue, 30-April 2019.  NASSCOM had invited Mr Shyam Sekar S, Founder and CEO – Startup Xperts to Chair the meet, and act as the Moderator for the day.  The topic that he moderated was ‘Are we strategically and digitally aligned for our business growth?’ The average age of an […]

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Guest Speaker at Nagarathar Chamber of Commerce

Nagarathar Chamber of Commerce had invited Mr Shyam Sekar S, Founder and CEO – Startup Xperts, to deliver a key note on Sunday, 7-April 2019.  Mr Shyam shared insights with all the business owners present during that meet, through the topic ‘Expand your business through Digital Marketing’. Participants appreciated the talk as the session was […]

Startup Initiative for Entreprenuers – kunguma Chimil Magazine

Startup Xperts founder Mr. Shyam Sekar S on #startup #ecosystem, #startupindia initiative, and how one can benefit out of this, was published in the Tamil fortnightly magazine kunguma chimil , The first part was published a week ago, on stands now! The second part was published few days ago, on stands now!

Startup event – Decoding Startup Funding | mCircle & Startup Xperts

Startup Xperts & mCircle organized a Startup event – Decoding Startup Funding

A – Z of Startup funding at e-Hotel, Chennai on 10th jan 2019. This was to facilitate business owners to become part of startup ecosystem – in building startups and also to invest in the startup community. It started with an Expert Talk by Shyam Sekar S, Founder and Chief Mentor at Startup Xperts.  Shyam unraveled the details as to […]

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Need to build Startup Businesses & Startup Ecosystem

India from being the 4th largest startup in numerous the world back in 2015, did exceedingly well to become the No. 2 Startup ecosystem in the world (as reported in the Government’s Startup India website). Investors were upbeat in 2014-15 and heavily betted on numerous startups, many missing out on fundamentals of businesses. Over the next […]

Russian Investments in Indian Start-ups

There is an upward trend in the growth of start-ups and young entrepreneurs in India today. Bubbling with fresh and novel business ideas, the current generation view start-ups as an increasingly lucrative option as an alternative to employment in a corporate. Metros incl. NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and many other cities are seeing this […]

Jury for IIT-M LeanHack Startup Event | Startup Xperts

Jury for IIT-M LeanHack Startup Event

IIT-Madras organized the LeanHack Startup event, which had numerous entries for their startup pitch nomination.  Finally on the pitch day, Mr Shyam Sekar S, Chief Mentor and Founder of Startup Xperts, acted as the Judge to evaluate and award the winning startup pitch.  Along with Mr Shyam, Mr Mahesh Ramachandran – Partner and Fund Manager […]

Startup Xperts at B2B MCircle event

Startup Xperts @ B2B MCircle event

The B2B MCircle event was held at Crowne Plaza, Chennai on 30th April, 2018. Mr. Shyam Sekar, Founder and Chief Mentor was invited to be a panel speaker and the panel moderator at the event. The discussion was on the topic ‘Startup and Funding(Incubators, Accelerators & Disruptors)’.

Globally Recognized Certifications & Standards

Globalization has shrunk the world to an extent where we can see its impact in numerous instances in daily life. We use laptops and PCs for instance, which are assembled in China, with parts/subassemblies sourced from local and international manufacturers spread across the globe. When an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) depends on a globally spread […]

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How to start a startup – Points to consider!

Is Just an Idea Enough…? Points to ponder before start(ing) up…! An innovative idea is the most important seed for a startup business venture. An innovative idea can bring about a significant change in the way a product or service is adopted by the customer, but there are a host of other aspects that come […]

How to manage your sales process? Part 2| Startup Xperts

Most of you would have read the “Does Sales Process Outsourcing (SPO) work? – Part I”, that touched upon those phases of the sales cycle that lend themselves to outsourcing.  This part of sales process outsourcing article touches upon factors to consider before an organization decides to outsource the whole or a part of their sales […]

How to Grow your startup business?

Not all startups are successful. The reasons could be a combination of – business planning, revenue model, leadership team, target segments, product, and most often execution. I have seen startups that had almost all the elements needed to transition into a sustainable, high-growth business, but lacked guidance and experienced leadership team. Building a startup is […]

How to find the right mentor for your startup? 9 things to be considered

With numerous startups coming up every other day all over the world, there is a definite need for startup consultant. The requirement and demand has never been so much, and one of the primary reasons that entrepreneurs looks for a good mentor is to ensure that nothing goes wrong during their startup journey. Unlike other […]

Startup India Standup India session by Startup Xperts

Startup India Standup India session by Startup Xperts

28 Jan 2016 Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust, BYST – CII, organized South Chapter meeting on 28-Jan 2016 at the CII, Guindy office. This is a meeting of Chennai mentors with entrepreneurs also present for the meeting BYST had requested Shyam Sekar S, Founder and Chief Mentor of Startup Xperts Business Consulting Pvt. Ltd. to present […]

Keynote session at the India Electronics Week, Bangalore

Keynote session at the India Electronics Week, Bangalore

14 Jan 2016: Electronics for You (EFY) group organized their first major event at Bangalore, ‘India Electronics Week’ the expo cum conference. The event was held in Bangalore from 11-Jan to 13-Jan. Shyam Sekar S, Founder, Chief mentor of Startup Xperts was invited to deliver a key note address on their opening session ‘Get Funded’. […]

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Startups – how to get your digital marketing approach right?

Startups typically have two major challenges to overcome – Time and money. Though time is money by the old age saying, here we are considering the importance of both separately. In a short period of time, startups have to create the impact, grow their business as it is a question of survival. Either grow or perish […]

How Startup Xperts helps startups to excel in business

How Startup Xperts helps startups to excel in business

23 Dec 2015 Every startup begins their journey with an ambition of hi-growth but all startups cannot penetrate into target markets and they face issues like flat sales, negative or slow growth, dipping revenue, unable to differentiate and win customers, etc. Those hi-growth aspirant entrepreneurs may have limited resources but still they wish to build […]