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Startup Xperts founder Mr. Shyam Sekar S on #startup #ecosystem, #startupindia initiative, and how one can benefit out of this, was published in the Tamil fortnightly magazine kunguma chimil , The first part was published a week ago, on stands now! The second part was published few days ago, on stands now!

Startup Businesses & Startup Ecosystem

Need to build Startup Businesses & Startup Ecosystem

India from being the 4th largest startup in numerous the world back in 2015, did exceedingly well to become the No. 2 Startup ecosystem in the world (as reported in the Government’s Startup India website). Investors were upbeat in 2014-15 and heavily betted on numerous startups, many missing out on fundamentals of businesses. Over the next […]

Jury for IIT-M LeanHack Startup Event

IIT-Madras organized the LeanHack Startup event, which had numerous entries for their startup pitch nomination.  Finally on the pitch day, Mr Shyam Sekar S, Chief Mentor and Founder of Startup Xperts, acted as the Judge to evaluate and award the winning startup pitch.  Along with Mr Shyam, Mr Mahesh Ramachandran – Partner and Fund Manager […]

How to find the right mentor for your startup? 9 things to be considered

How to find the right mentor for your startup With numerous startups coming up every other day all over the world, there is a definite need for startup consultant. The requirement and demand has never been so much, and one of the primary reasons that entrepreneurs looks for a good mentor is to ensure that […]