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Startup Finals Pitch Event at IIT-Madras!

IIT-Madras had shortlisted Startup Finals Pitch event on 19-Jan 2020 at IIT-Madras.  Around 12 teams were shortlisted for the final pitch and it had innovative and interesting initiatives across industries – agri to e-vehicles.  Shyam had been part of such events from IIT-Madras for almost 4-5 years now.  He quoted that some of the initiatives […]

Startup Initiative for Entreprenuers – kunguma Chimil Magazine

Startup Xperts founder Mr. Shyam Sekar S on #startup #ecosystem, #startupindia initiative, and how one can benefit out of this, was published in the Tamil fortnightly magazine kunguma chimil , The first part was published a week ago, on stands now! The second part was published few days ago, on stands now!

Russian Investments in Indian Start-ups

There is an upward trend in the growth of start-ups and young entrepreneurs in India today. Bubbling with fresh and novel business ideas, the current generation view start-ups as an increasingly lucrative option as an alternative to employment in a corporate. Metros incl. NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and many other cities are seeing this […]

The Talk Big Ideas to scale SMEs and Startups, Chennai

The Talk Big Ideas to scale SMEs and Startups, Chennai

The talk had organized its annual high impact event on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the future of India, in Chennai on 25-Aug, at Feathers Hotel, Chennai. Startup Xperts was the Knowledge Partner and so Startup Xperts had taken up the task of managing the entrepreneur awards selection process.  There were 10 Emerging SME Awards and 3 […]

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How to start a startup – Points to consider!

Is Just an Idea Enough…? Points to ponder before start(ing) up…! An innovative idea is the most important seed for a startup business venture. An innovative idea can bring about a significant change in the way a product or service is adopted by the customer, but there are a host of other aspects that come […]

Startup India Standup India session by Startup Xperts

Startup India Standup India session by Startup Xperts

28 Jan 2016 Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust, BYST – CII, organized South Chapter meeting on 28-Jan 2016 at the CII, Guindy office. This is a meeting of Chennai mentors with entrepreneurs also present for the meeting BYST had requested Shyam Sekar S, Founder and Chief Mentor of Startup Xperts Business Consulting Pvt. Ltd. to present […]