23 Dec 2015

Every startup begins their journey with an ambition of hi-growth but all startups cannot penetrate into target markets and they face issues like flat sales, negative or slow growth, dipping revenue, unable to differentiate and win customers, etc. Those hi-growth aspirant entrepreneurs may have limited resources but still they wish to build a successful enterprise in a short period of time. Startup Xperts works on all these areas ensuring that all the units are aligned and work together, to ensure profitable growth. Even hiring a full-time CMO could be unaffordable for most startups; soStartup Xperts act as virtual CMO, CxO for other startups, and will be responsible for expanding their business opportunities and revenue potential. “ Having the right strategy, driven by right people, and executing at the right time, with all units like strategy, marketing, sales, and operations in great alignment, only can create bigger, positive impact.” feels Startup Xperts , an expert in building businesses.

Startup Xperts’ founder Mr Shyam Sekar S returned back to India from US in 2012, to pursue his passion of building entrepreneurs in India. He formed Startup Xperts in 2013 and in 2014 Startup Xperts took a step further to be Startup Xperts Business Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Headquartered in Chennai and having presence in Bangalore, his business growth consulting firm Startup Xperts helps startups as well as SMEs to step up, and accelerate their revenue growth. As a business builder, Startup Xperts has expanded right from business advisory to full-scale execution of strategies including marketing and sales functions. It has set up Digital marketing team to spearhead businesses, providing clients with major ammunition that helps them to differentiate, win deals (even with premium pricing). The company also act as advisor, leadership coach with $billion multinational companies of the US as well as India. Recently they have also set up ‘Board of Entrepreneurs’ a startup bootcamp / workshop for budding entrepreneurs, founders, in providing them a hands-on approach to build their business. The company generates it revenue through flexible revenue generation models that include Retainer fee, success fee, Services fee for smart digital marketing (for B2B and B2C both) and Project fee for coaching, mentoring for ground breaking innovation, and execution.

The Maverick behind the Success of Startup Xperts

Mr Shyam Sekar S is the founder, Chief Mentor and Strategist of the company. Driven by passion to build entrepreneurial ecosystem, Mr Shyam Sekar S founded Startup Xperts , who brings over 22 years of experience in working with many corporate, multinationals, startups and about 15 yrs of expertise in international business. He has spearheaded global marketing and sales initiatives building many successful enterprises. Having lived sometime in the US, finally he returned back in 2012 to pursue his passion of building entrepreneurs in India. He also co founded Bangalore based Febler, a startup that is seen as Twitter of audio.

Shyam has BE (NIT, REC), MBA, and has also successfully completed Executive Management Program from Harvard Business School, Boston, USA. He has traveled to about 25 countries on business, and expanded opportunities across geographies.

Shyam Sekar, has been a part of other various national level startup initiatives. He is a mentor with Startup Weekend, Chennai (a Seattle based global initiative) and Advisor, Mentor of SMB Connect initiative, New Delhi. Apart from mentoring IIT-Kharagpur’s entrepreneurship initiatives Empressario, he is a member of South Chapter and Mentor with BYST, CII; he also contributes column and articles in business magazines. He has been a part of various events, conferences, on Digital marketing, SMB connect, Startup Grind, educational institutions, and a key speaker for NASSCOM Product forums/ events.

We understand that no one-size-fits-all approach works. So smart, effective, winning strategies are implemented to step up your revenue growth. What worked well 3 or 5 years back, may not work today. It is all about picking the right strategies, doing right things, and pursue with finesse, to reach your set objectives.” Startup Xperts said.

“ It is all about execution and Startup Xperts walks with you that extra mile in not just devising these strategies, but also executes those plans, tasks, along with you; review and monitor, to ensure that goals are achieved.” they added.

With the passion to build 100 successful enterprises by 2020, the company would also like to expand their association with at least another 1000 aspiring entrepreneurs, through coaching, mentoring, startup bootcamp/workshop models and through BoE (Board of Entrepreneurs) initiative. Their other plans include creating ‘intrapreneurs’ within large enterprises to further fuel our ecosystem and being involved in various social entrepreneurship initiatives to make millions of life better. Startup Xperts aspires to work with funders (seed, angel investors or VC) in building their investee companies, and also to help them invest in right ideas/entities that have a well thought through business model. It also plans to work with Government, where necessary, to facilitate creation of entrepreneurship ecosystem that can provide additional support to further fuel Indian economy. For the betterment of startups and to enable them to expand business opportunities, Startup Xperts intends to join hand with VCs.

“This article has Published in “The CEO magazine”

To know more about Startup Xperts, visit us at www.startupxperts.com or write to us at info@startupxperts.com

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