NASSCOM organized the CEO Roundtable meeting at The Hilton Hotel, Chennai on Tue, 30-April 2019.  NASSCOM had invited Mr Shyam Sekar S, Founder and CEO – Startup Xperts to Chair the meet, and act as the Moderator for the day.  The topic that he moderated was ‘Are we strategically and digitally aligned for our business growth?’

NASSCOM CEO Roundtable Meeting

The average age of an S&P 500 company was 60 years in 1950s, but today it has come down to about 20 years; and expected to be just 12 years by 2027! With such major disruption happening even with large global enterprises, the threat to SMEs and startups are at an alarmingly high level like never!      
Now, are we ready to withstand such transformation? One of the main reasons that many SMEs either do not grow, or fade away is due to their poor online or digital presence. As Technology is an enabler and the biggest disruptor of businesses. Digital transformation is a MUST for small businesses and startups! Do we have the right strategy, necessary systems and processes.  
In today’s environment, small businesses are not focusing enough on strategy. Those SMEs who have multiple departments, structures, are having strategic planning exercise but without a ‘strategic intent’. Or is technology going to disrupt their business and move them away to extinction?

This interesting meet had around couple of dozen CxOs, Business owners, Directors etc.  The objective of this meeting was to share thoughts, insights and find potential solutions to the challenges faced by the SME Businesses today.  This meet was very well appreciated both by the NASSCOM team, as well as the CXO participants, as it provided immense valueand information exchange. 

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