Startup Xperts is the Digital Marketing Partner for Small Enterprise Business Awards 2016 (SEBA2016)

Startup Xperts has been signed up to be the Digital Marketing Partner for the upcoming Small Enterprise Business Awards 2016 (SEBA 2016) being held in Bangalore. SEBA 2016 recognizes and awards SMEs and Startups who have made an outstanding business achievement in their respective industry. This Small Enterprise Business Awards is organized by Aspire Media Pvt Ltd. The Small Enterprise India Business Awards program was conceived to recognize the most outstanding small businesses across the cities, towns and villages in India. There are 6 Startup Awards and 42 SME Awards, totaling to 48 awards. The award ceremony has been planned to be telecasted live by NDTV on 10-Dec 2016.

SEBA2016 has prominent partners that includes KPMG, NDTV, India Mart, amongst others.

Shyam Sekar S, Founder and Chief Mentor of Startup Xperts has also been invited to act as the Jury member to shortlist the nominees and select award winners.

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