Chennai witnessed the first Digital Marketing Conclave organized by Think Media Inc. and VIT University, on 21-July 2014 @ Hotel Trident. The theme was based on ‘Digital Marketing in the Emerging Markets’ and the conference was well attended. The event covered various topics of interest like Social media, Inbound marketing, Outbound marketing, how marketing is exploiting the digital growth to its advantage, and many more. This program brought together more than 200 delegates comprising of MD’s, CEO’S, Senior Marketers, Head of Agencies, Digital Mentors, Publishers, Industry Bodies, Associations, Technology and Solution Providers.

It was inspiring to see a great initiative taken by Mr. Vijay Michihito Batra, Founder & Chief Editor, Think Media Inc. and Prof. Dr. M. J. Xavier, Executive Director, VIT University, Chennai.

Startup Xperts was represented by Shyam Sekar S, its Chief Mentor and Strategist who acted as a moderator and also addressed the audience on Online Marketing, Analytics and ROI.

Shyam mentioned that “in Digital MarketingWeb Analytics should play a very important part in your decision making as you never know which bucket that you have invested in, brings you results. Having spoken with many organizations, I notice that they use analytics more for a directional indication rather than using that to slice and dice the data to take a decision. It stems from that fact that they either do not know how to exploit this data, or do not have methods to capture this information to make a meaningful insight out of it.

Most often I hear companies asking me a question as to how to figure out the ROI that we spend on social media, etc. because it is for the purpose of creating a brand? Well, if you can identify your measurable goals, assign dollar spends to the respective areas, you will be able to measure and compare your results.

At the end of the event, I was certain of one thing; Chennai is on a rapid movement path especially in the arena of entrepreneurship, digital marketing and startups.”

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