Are you learning to lead a larger mission or corporate objective?

Do you feel that you are being under pegged and not given higher responsibilities?

Are you being overlooked constantly in not been given promotions, in spite of your performance?

Welcome to the leadership coaching club. Numerous instances like this are seen in the corporate world. In earlier days, leadership coaching was all about fixing some toxic attitudes and issues arising from the top. It was required to address the issues at hand, for a smoother running of the organization. But in today’s context it is more about bringing out the best out of every leader. Most successful businessmen, high profile executives and even US President Barack Obama has an Executive coach. It is also seen more as a status symbol to work with a coach and also to groom them to be better than the best.

The need for today – Leadership Coach

From the age old times where coaching was meant to improve individual performances, today it has entered the mainstream of the corporate world. According to one the surveys conducted by the Harvard Business Review a few years back, it was found that the top reason to engage a leadership coach was to develop high potentials or facilitate transition. Coaching is a three way partnership – between the coach, the corporate leader and their organization. Commitment from all these three levels is essential to make this partnership successful. Coaching need not be only restricted to CxOs, as it also applies to head of business/strategic units and functional heads.

What can the coach do?

Executive coaches will try to bring about a positive change in the leaderships’ behavior. They will be able to get a grip on the leaders’ challenges, organizational issues, and will provide them with a framework to realize their financial and professional goals. Working closely with the coaches will help the leaders to increase their productivity, improve decision making skills and scale up to higher levels of leadership.

Executive coaches are not consultants, who the leaders should depend for life; rather, these coaches will make the leaders self-reliant over a period of time.

How to identify the ‘right coach’ for you

One of the feedbacks that are received most often is that, the trainers or coaches have been providing the leaders and future leaders with more theoretical explanations and lectures. For the leaders to succeed, a leadership coach has to be practical, smart and bright.

They should have-

Solid credentials in the corporate rug having performed similar roles;

Proven track record in execution to reach the set goals;

Great communication and people management skills.

By communication skills it doesn’t mean oratorical but one who is able to get their message in the right way, to get things done in a collaborative and cohesive manner.

Coaches need to act like a mentor and understand their limitations, strengths and weaknesses. They should be passionate professionals and act like a catalyst to change the way leaders think and act.

Closing notes

There is a lot of difference between what we know about leadership and what we actually perform as leaders. It is the difference between theory and practice. We need to move out of our comfort zones in order to create history. We got to take calculated risks to make sure we have an opportunity to accelerate our growth. Leaders need to have the emotional courage to look beyond the obvious. Coaches will help these aspiring leaders in their quest for success. Leadership coaching is something every organization should focus on, and that could probably be the best investment that they ever make.

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