28 Jan 2016

Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust, BYST – CII, organized South Chapter meeting on 28-Jan 2016 at the CII, Guindy office. This is a meeting of Chennai mentors with entrepreneurs also present for the meeting

BYST had requested Shyam Sekar S, Founder and Chief Mentor of Startup Xperts Business Consulting Pvt. Ltd. to present a session on the trending topic ‘Startup India – Standup India’. Shyam addressed the event and provided interesting inputs and insights about the Startup India Standup India program.

Shyam elaborated, “there is a greater need in India, to create many million jobs and that means so many entrepreneurs need to be created in order to achieve this bigger objective. Startup does not mean that it is just about information technology”.

Shyam highlighted the Central Government’s Startup India Standup India initiative of what types of companies may be covered under this Startup India initiative. Further he said, “The Government is considering various aspects including self certification for the startup companies for labour/environmental (green) laws; separate funding mechanism for student entrepreneurs, relaxed norms for Govt. tenders, tax exemption for about 3 years for startups with innovation/technology value add, financial incentives, and also plan for startup fests to connect Indian startups to facilitate international tie-ups, etc.”

The session was well received and appreciated by both the South Chapter mentor network and also the entrepreneurs.

To know more about Startup Xperts, visit us at www.startupxperts.com or write to us at info@startupxperts.com

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