14 May 2015, Posted by Shyam Sekar S

Small Enterprise, which is a business magazine for the entrepreneurs of India, conducted their first event, a get-together of various startups and SMEs in Bangalore. This event was held at Hotel Hyatt, MG Road, Bangalore, on 14-May 2015. The theme of the event was ‘meet, discuss, inspire’. This was organized by Aspire Media, to act as a platform to bring many entrepreneurs, and experts as speakers in their chosen fields to share knowledge and help them succeed in their businesses.

The event was covering a range of subjects that include small business technology, digital marketing, venture funding, mentoring, franchisee, and finance. Shyam Sekar S, Chief mentor and strategist at Startup Xperts Business Consulting Pvt. Ltd., was a speaker at this event and presented a session on ‘Why and How should startups use Digital marketing effectively?’. Shyam said, “these kind of platforms will provide a lot of opportunity for many entrepreneurs to understand some of the smart techniques shared by experts in their chosen field. With great networking and rubbing shoulders with other specialists, mentors, there is bound to be interesting take away which will help them to take their idea or their company to the next level.”

Shyam added, ”being a cover story, column writer in the Small Enterprise business magazine gives me an opportunity to connect with all those who read and get benefitted by this magazine”.

The event was scheduled for the evening and went on till night, which was appreciated by many as it did not interfere in their daily work that happens through the day. Visit http://smallenterpriseindia.com/grind/?page_id=141 for more details.

To know more about Startup Xperts, visit us at www.startupxperts.com or write to us at info@startupxperts.com

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